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Staff Augmentation

Salesforce CPQ staff augmentation exists as a response to a growing need for specific, niche skills in the specialised ecosystem of Salesforce CPQ.


Staffing firms across the globe provide local and offshore Salesforce team augmentation by way of contract work. As the candidate pool of IT resources ebbs and flows from year-to-year, contractor rates decline to remain competitive. This benefits companies as their margins shift to keep up with changing business priorities. 


Hiring a full-time employee isn’t always in the cards when it comes to staying within budget boundaries. Full-time employees require the added cost of benefits like insurance, PTO, training, and more. Many companies circumnavigate those requirements by hiring contractors from staffing firms that cover those administrative needs, thereby increasing headcount without officially hitting defined resource restraints. 

Team managers or Salesforce admins can focus on the work at hand as they oversee the project responsibilities and collaboration of an extended team, without the hassle of coordinating administrative duties and employment agreements as their team size ebbs and flows to meet project needs.

You get to choose the candidates that best meet your needs, criteria, and timeframe. And you still manage the contractors with the methods your business prefers. There is no need to differentiate management styles between contractors and full-time employees. When the skills of one contractor are no longer needed, you can source a new contractor with the next skills required for project completion.

Best used for immediate and shorter term engagements, staff augmentation helps your business flex up team capacity on an as-needed basis, facilitating on-time, excellent work.

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